Top 10 Features Home Buyers are Looking For In Nanaimo Real Estate


When selling your home there are many things that can make your property stand out from all other competing listings available. While there are ways of making your home more appealing to potential buyers such as home staging, HD Photography, listing presentations and more. However, there are certain structural and aesthetic features that the majority of home buyers are looking for in their new home. Below is my list of the Top 10 Features that Home Buyers are looking for when starting their search for a new home in Nanaimo, that will make your listing, just that much more desirable than the one listed down the street.

1. An Eat-In Kitchen


Having enough space for a table for family meals is an important feature for home buyers. As “they” say, “The kitchen is the heart of the home…”, especially for families. Once upon a time, the kitchen and dining areas were considered two distinct rooms in a home. Times have changed, and the open concept kitchen and dining area are essential for many of today’s home buyers who are looking for ample room for family dinners and get-togethers with friends and creating special memories.

2. Hardwood, Laminate or Vinyl Plank Floors

While carpets can be desirable for some in certain rooms of the home, such as bedrooms to add warmth to especially during the winter months; Non-carpeted floors give the home a sleek modern look, added durability, and are overall easier to clean in case of a nasty spill and maintenance is a breeze. Also If your potential buyers have pets, this is one of the features that will likely be on the top of their list.

Woman walking on hardwood floor

3. A Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Home buyers are looking for a space other than the guest room, living room or master bedroom for their piles of laundry to sit, especially when your kids change 5 times a day!

A separate laundry room is top of the list for most home buyers. Having a separate room for folding, ironing and if your anything like me, the piling up of laundry is becoming essential to keeping the mess out of living spaces.

4. A Full Bathroom on the Main Floor

Have you ever had a toddler that needs to go NOW? Well, having that full bathroom or even a powder room on the main floor of a split-level home can be a great selling feature for a family and most seniors. Not having to climb the stairs every time you gotta go or having your guests going upstairs into your personal space is always a plus.

5. A Garage

Large garage with automatic opener

Having a lot of storage space is appealing to most buyers. A garage is the most convenient and accessible place for storage and in most climates, they are great for keeping you and your vehicle dry and avoid the elements outside that can reek havoc on your vehicle.

6. Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the most desired outdoor feature for most buyers.

An illuminated home that highlights landscaping, or a beautiful yard feature can improve the aesthetics of a home and set a mood. It is also a great intruder deterrent.

Outdoor Lighting

7. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Not only are ceiling fans practical and decorative, but they are also must-haves as energy costs continue to rise as they can efficiently cool a room and improve indoor air quality by adding much needed air circulation.

8. A Patio Space

Whether its summertime BBQ’s with friends and family, enjoying your morning coffee or watching the stars in the evening next to your propane fire pit; there is something special about a great patio space or deck.

Being the second most sought after feature of a home, outdoor areas offer more living space without the cost of a home addition this rank high on the wish list for potential home buyers.

Outdoor Patio

9. Energy Efficient Fixtures/Appliances

Energy Star

One of the top priorities of a home buyer is being more energy efficient and saving money on utility bills. Energy-efficient windows can help cut heating and cooling costs by 12%, ENERGY-STAR appliances like a washer and dryer can help save a homeowner on their utility bills. An ENERGY-STAR certified home uses 20%-30% less energy.

10. Higher than code insulation

Insulation in the attic can lower the cost of heating and cooling. Insulated and sealed crawl spaces also help with heating and cooling costs as well as offers additional storage that can be used without the fear of rodent/pest infiltration and moisture.


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